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 RRP Special price 

Ashton CP2 Capo $18 This quick-change Capo is a must-have for anyone who likes to ‘mix it up’ when it comes to different tunings. Designed for acoustic or electric 6 string guitars, it clamps easily at any fret on the exposed fret-board to instantly adjust your guitars tuning. It’s just like retuning, but without the time-wasting!


shubb c1

Shubb capo

Since 1980 the Shubb capo has set the standard against which all others must be measured. It is the first choice ... often the only choice... of more than a million musicians worldwide. The serious guitarist will settle for no less.

What makes the Shubb capo so special? For one thing, its ingenious design: a patented locking action which provides an unrivalled combination of power, speed, accuracy and ease of use. One smooth flip of the lever locks it securely in place... and removes it just as quickly.

And the Shubb capo doesn't create tuning problems. Its soft, resilient rubber is specially designed to work just like a fingertip, so it doesn't bend the strings over the frets. Its closing action is just like your hand, so it doesn't pull the string off center. As a result, no re-tuning is necessary!

Precisely machined of brass and carefully hand assembled, a Shubb capo is manufactured without compromise. Simply holding one in your hand conveys a sense of quality. Snapping it solidly onto a guitar neck, and then removing it, all within about one second, will confirm its reputation for excellence.


Shubb logo 

$39.95 $32

Ibanez LS65TL Leather Guitar Strap Tree of Life White/Green Tree


$79  $59 



dsl_ges25-15-1.jpg  DSL GES25-15 2.5"


Ashton AMH16 Machine Heads thumb 





ashton logo


Fender Schaller Locking Machine Heads Set


fender_make_history_pick_tin  Fender Make History Pick Tin



Jim Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Collector Series Pick Tin. To commemorate one of the most influential electric guitarist in rock music history and the ground breaking albums he released, Dunlop has created 4 Collector Series Pick Tins. Each collector tin contains 12 celluloid picks with 6 different designs of various album art (2 of each design) . Medium gauge picks. Bold as Love - Are you experienced - Band of gypsies - Electric Ladyland

$16.95 each   




DSU477 Guitar hanger. Screw mount flush metal base. Great for home use as well as display. Centre facing. Black.


DSU478 Guitar hanger with adjustable 180o swivel head. Screw mount metal base. Black.


FS100 Guitarist footstool adjustable to 3 positions


Ashton GS55 - Keep your stage, studio or even your home guitar collection organised with this black finish guitar rack, designed to hold 5 guitars (electric or acoustic).


Ashton GS53 - Guitar rack to hold 3 guitars (electric or acoustic).

Hercules HA603_Quik_N_EZ_Mic_Adaptor 

Hercules QNE Quick N EZ Mic holder  





Hercules DS432B_Sax_Stand 

Hercules DS432B TravLite™ In-Bell Tenor Saxophone stand folds up compactly to fit inside the bell of your instrument.


Takes up no extra space in your instrument case

Compact and Stable

Velvet bag included for better protection and easier access

Height: 350mm (13.8")

Base radius: 260mm (10.2")

Folded size: 340x75mm (13.4x2.9")

Load capacity: 15kg (33lbs)

thumb Hercules Stands Logo 

$59  $39 
Hercules KS100B_Keyboard_Stand 

Hercules KS100B EZ Step Keyboard Stand.

Step on the pedal for 6 easy, quick position settings without bending your back

Protruding teeth on adjustable rubber foot for stability on uneven floors

Collapsible and foldable design, 88% storage size smaller than standard keyboard stands

Removable sleeve to hold keyboard with various depths

Load Capacity: 80 kg (176.4 lbs.)

Folded Size: 976 mm x 83 mm x 70 mm (39" x 3.3" x 2.8")


thumb Hercules Stands Logo

$55 $39 
Hercules GS455B_Guitar_Stand 

Hercules GS455B Universal guitar stand holds necks as little as 28mm and neck widths up to 55mm and everything in between.

For use with classical guitars, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, banjos and electric basses (accommodates most 5-string and 6-string models).


Auto Grip System yoke with translucent look

Comfort Grip

Specially Formulated Foam

Height: 920-1185 mm (36.2-46.6")

Base radius: 330mm (13")

Load capacity: 15 kg (33 lbs.)

Folded size: 740x190 mm (29.1x7.5")


thumb Hercules Stands Logo 

$69 $55
Hercules GS303B_Banjo_Mandolin_Violin_Ukulele 

Hercules GS303B holds Banjos, Mandolins, Violins and Ukuleles with its adjustable foam pads that grip your instrument without damaging it. 


Holds banjos, mandolins, violins and ukuleles securely with adjustable foam pads

Easy to set up and pack up

Sturdy steel construction

Specially Formulated Foam on all possible contact points to protect your instrument

Height: 250mm (9.84")


thumb Hercules Stands Logo 

$33 $25
hercules gsp39wb_screw_in_wall_mount_guitar_hanger_short 

Hercules GSP39WB $20 Screw-in Wall Mount Guitar Hanger Short


$27.95  $20 
hercules auto_grab_guitar_stand_leg_rest 

Hercules GS414B Auto Grab Single Stand w/Leg rest


$59.95  $49.95
hercules gs422b_2 

Hercules GS422Bick Auto Grab Double Guitar Stand w/Body Rest


$99.95  $79 
Hercules GS432B_Triple_Stand_Body_Rest 


Hercules GS432B Tri Stand Guitar Stand

The Tri Stand Guitar Stand safely supports 3 guitars or basses.

Features innovative Hercules Auto Grab System (AGS) yokes:

the arms turn in and up with the weight of your guitars to hold them securely and simply open up when you lift them off.

All contact points with the instruments feature Specially Formulated Foam rubber

is used on all the contact points between the stand and your instrument to protect its finish.

Also features the Hand Grip Height Adjuster,

which makes adjustments a breeze with a locking pin to secure the stand in place.

Folding backrests flip down to support your guitars and back up for storage and transport.

All Hercules stands are safe for most nitrocellulose lacquer finish guitars*.

*Hercules tests for many types of nitro finish, however some guitar manufacturers change their nitro mixture often.

Guitars should never be stored on a stand...always in the case. 


Auto Grab System yokes

Specially Formulated Foam

Hand Grip Height Adjuster

Adjustable backrests

Height: 35.6"-44.4" (905-1130mm)

Weight: 6.38 lbs. (2.9kg)

Base radius: 14.5" (370mm)

Load capacity: 66 lbs. (30kg)

Folded size: 29.9" x 5.3" (760 x 135mm)




$129 Sold out
Hercules DS530B_Sax_Stand

Hercules DS530B Alto Tenor Saxophone Single Stand

The Hercules DS530B Alto/Tenor Saxophone Single Stand features a folding yoke that sets up and tears down in seconds using a secure pin.

Flip up the adjustable backrest to change positions instantly to accommodate alto and tenor saxophones.

The backrest allows for one-piece packing. The yoke and backrest are covered in Specially Formulated Foam (SFF) rubber to protect your instrument's finish.

Swivel legs fit around other equipment on a crowded stage and fold up compactly.



Folding Yoke holds your Alto/Tenor saxophone securely on the stand

Adjustable backrest accommodates both Alto and Tenor sax

Swivel legs fit around other equipment

Folded size: 12.2" x 5.5" (310 x 140mm)



Hercules MS501B 

Hercules MS501B Tripod Microphone Stand with die-cast base

HERCULES firmly believes that today's musicians deserve better stands to support their demanding performances.

In response to musicians' requests, HERCULES conducts exclusive research and development to eliminate the problems associated with ordinary stands.

These ground-breaking solutions and patented designs set HERCULES apart.

Each and every one of our stands incorporates thought-out solutions that enhance functionality.

We employ the strictest manufacturing procedures and quality control standards because you trust us to backup your performance.

Singing or playing, the last thing you should worry about is your gear.

Recording in the studio, performing on the stage, or relaxing at home HERCULES are stands you can trust!





Hercules MH101B

The Hercules MH101B Quick-N-EZ Microphone Clip is rubber lined for a secure grip and fits all mic stands without top washers.

Mounts to mic stand in a snap.

Durable rubber holder for a snug and flexible grip.

Heavy duty constraction.

Accepts 25-30mm mic sizes. Quick-release connector.





Hercules MH100B

The Hercules MH100B Quick-N-EZ Microphone Clip is rubber lined for a secure grip and fits all mic stands without top washers.

Accepts 22-35mm mic sizes. Quick-release connector.



Hercules BS311B_Music_stand_2 

Hercules BS311B Tripod Orchestral Stand w/perforated foldable desk

Hercules BS311B aluminium folding desk with perforations and page retainers for added page retention and light weight portability.

Perforated aluminum folding desk with page retainers
Frictioning EZ Angle Roller and EZ Retainer
EZ Clutch
Tilting Base and Swivel Legs
2 peg holes on the legs keep your instruments close by without using extra floorspace
Desk size: 480x345mm (18.9x13.6")

Instrument pegs not included.



Hercules BS100B_Music_Stand 

Hercules BS100B EZ-Glide Music stand

The Hercules BS100B Compact Music Stand features a reinforced desk lip that creates strength and rigidity with minimum additional weight.

The EZ Angle Roller has a special rubber grip that holds the desk at the perfect angle while also being instantly adjustable.

Also features EZ Glide to make instant height adjustments by simply pulling up or down.

The EZ Glide's inner mechanism automatically locks the stand at the desired height and the tightness is adjustable.

Legs are constructed of durable rectangular tubing.

Folds up for easy transport.


EZ Angle Roller

Instant EZ Glide

Durable rectangular tubing leg construction

Desk size: 21" x 11.5" (535 x 293mm)

Height: 27.1"-48.4" (690-1230mm)





Hercules MS631B Telescopic Boom Quik-N-EZ Tripod Base Microphone Stand

HERCULES firmly believes that today's musicians deserve better stands to support their demanding performances.

In response to musicians' requests, HERCULES conducts exclusive research and development

to eliminate the problems associated with ordinary stands.

These ground-breaking solutions and patented designs set HERCULES apart.


Each and every one of our stands incorporates thought-out solutions that enhance functionality.

We employ the strictest manufacturing procedures and quality control standards

because you trust us to backup your performance.

Singing or playing, the last thing you should worry about is your gear.

Recording in the studio, performing on the stage, or relaxing at home HERCULES are stands you can trust!




Hercules MS432B Microphone Boom Stand Quik-N-EZ Tripod Base





Cases and Bags 
AMS V case 1092N Classical Guitar 1 

Classic Guitar Moulded polyfoam case.

Deluxe shaped case covered with black nylon

waterproof yarn. Fully plush lined with covered

accessory compartment and shaped interior.

2 shoulder straps. 1 music and 2 accessory



AMS V case 1094N Dreadnought Guitar 

Western Guitar Moulded polyfoam case.

Deluxe shaped case covered with black nylon waterproof

yarn. Fully plush lined with covered accessory

compartment and shaped interior. 2 shoulder

straps. 1 music and 2 accessory pockets.



Ashton Bags 900 Series - With twice as much padding as the 100 series bags, the 900 series gives you an extra level of protection. External accessories pouches, carry straps and heavy duty zippers make it easy to carry all your gear and keep it secure.

CB900 to suit Classical guitar

WB900 to suit Western style guitar

EB900 to suit Electric guitar

BB900 to suit Bass guitar


STANDARD CASES to suit Classical guitar


RECTANGULAR CASES - Heavy duty rectangular cases with a cool vintage look to protect your guitar or bass. Made from sturdy plywood with a choice of retro tweed or basic black covering, they feature a plush inner lining to keep your instrument from scratching and strong latches to keep it locked up securely.
APCER - to suit Electric guitar
APCBR - to suit Bass guitar
- Rectangle PLY Case with Tweed Covering
- Vintage Look
- Plush Inner Lining
- Heavy Duty Latches
- To suit Electric Guitar


SHAPED MOULDED CASES - MCC100 - to suit Classical guitar
MCW100 - to suit Western style guitar
MCE100 - to suit Electric guitar
MCB100 - to suit Bass guitar


RECTANGULAR MOULDED CASES - EO10- to suit Electric Guitar
- BO10 - to suit Bass Guitar


BC450 CNB - Acoustic bass shaped. ABS moulded. Foam padded plush lined interior. Aluminium valance. Deluxe drawbolt chrome latches with lock. Supplied with foam pad to suit smaller body shapes  


HC1019 CNB - Acoustic bass shaped. Heavy duty plywood covered in black vinyl. Plush lined. Deluxe gold latches with lock. 


Fender moulded caseSTD strat/tele



Fender moulded case STD bass


Ibanez GBP_Electric_Guitar_Bag_with_Back_Pack_3 

Ibanez GBP Electric Guitar Gig Bag with a detachable backpack.

With a detatchable backpack, the GBP Electric Guitar Gig Bag becomes a convenient place to store your favourite electric guitar.


Put all your guitar accessories in the detachable backpack so you can take your guitar out 

and the accessories can be moved about easier than if they were in the large bag.

This is a heavy-duty bag that will give good protection to your guitar.



Detachable backpack


Ibanez logo

For electric guitar



$99 $79

Fender Mod Shop Samarium Cobalt Noiseless Stratocaster Set


Guitar pedal effects and boards
Ashton DS30 Distortion Pedal thumbnail 

Ashton DS30 Distortion Pedal 

Make sure your amp can handle the volume of this little baby. The DS30 is hot, loud and noisy! A perennial favourite for guitarists, this is the sound that has shaped modern heavy rock styles. 

Plug it in, turn it up, and hold on tight.








Fender Phaser Pedal

"Shift" into high gear with the Fender® Phaser, great for both guitar and bass and really super-whoooshy-sounding! Stylishly retro '70s-era good looks, sure, of course-- but you also get effi ciently versatile intensity, rate, bypass and frequency controls that let you tailor that ethereal phasing sound to utter perfection. You can easily emphasize treble or bass frequencies, and the big "rate" dial glows blue and red in synch with the phase shift rate, which is really cool and scientifi c-looking and stuff.







Mark Sullivan from wrote this. The Mudhoney is a Distortion/Fuzz pedal with a very wide tonal range. It features a typical 3-knob gain/volume/tone layout plus a boost switch. I played this for a few minutes with the boost off and it is quite impressive; very thick tone with warmth that could quickly find its way to being your main dirt for jazz, blues, etc. Then I pushed the boost and cranked up the gain! The speakers in my little Princeton cried for mercy. Hitting it with the bridge pickup of a Les Paul brought sustain of Spinal Tap proportions. Chords were a menacing wall of sound but yet unlike its name would imply, the Mudhoney didn’t get muddy and muffled. Note and harmonic separation was impressive giving a very dimensional sound at gain levels where most pedals sound flat.



$399  $279 


 MXR M116_Fullbore_Metal

MXR M116 fullbore metal

Ultimate riff power is yours with  the FullBore Metal distortion pedal from MXR. This compact but powerful device is all you need to unleash the most devastating contemporary metal guitar tones ever heard. The FullBore pedal turbocharges your guitar signal with lethal amounts of ultra high gain. This is combined with a built-in ‘Noise Gate’ to knock out the noise associated with extreme gain levels while also adding definition and tightness to syncopated metal riffs. Extensive EQ controls, with bass, mid, sweepable mid-freq and treble knobs let you sculpt your tone with fiendish precision. The additional scoop switch provides an instant high and low frequency boost that will rumble the room while also adding clarity. True hardwire bypass.  Powered by 9 volt battery or AC adaptor (not included)



$199  $149 
Jim Dunlop 
jim dunlop_original_crybaby_wah_gcb95 

Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Classic Wah



$209  $155 
jim dunlop_jimi_hendrix_cry_baby 

Jim Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Cry Baby



$279  $199 



Ibanez SB7 Bass Synthesizer.  The SB7 does its thing in real time no drag, no tracking errors. You can even play chords. It provides 3 modes: Auto Wah for that frequency-funky Shaft tone, Synth 1 for the light synth sound of '80s new wave, and Synth 2 for a deep, heavy Bootsy Collins-style funk sound.


$209  $139 

Ibanez AP7

The Ibanez AP7 Analog Phaser has a pure analog circuit producing very warm, lush vintage phase tones.

Speed, depth, and feedback control allow you to dial in a wide range of tones.

The 3-way switchable phase circuit allows you to select 4, 6, or 8 stage phasing.

When switched to 4-stage phasing, the pedal recreates the sounds of a vintage phaser.

When switched to 8-stage phasing, the pedal produces more aggressive and deep phasing characteristic of modern pedals.




$169  $105 

Ibanez CF7

The Ibanez CF7 Tone Lok stompbox is highly versatile, 

capable of producing vintage chorus, 

flange, and modern modulation guitar effects, 

everything from shimmering soundscapes to jet plane whooshes.

A Krazy switch lets you choose between normal and whack'd modes.



$159 $109

Ibanez DS7 Distortion $70. One of the most versatile rock distortions you'll find. Dials in a wide range of smooth distortions, from subtle to rock 'n roll crunch. Tone, Level, and Drive controls in "set and forget" PushLok knobs


$99  $70 

Ibanez PH7 Phaser $115.  Choose either 4 or 8 stages of phasing, from swirling speaker to that full-on phase you need for heavy rock and roll.



$159  $115 

Ibanez PM7

Ibanez PM7 Phase Modulator.

From classic phase to ray gun.

3 types of wave forms combine with 3 phase modes to deliver a range of sounds

from classic phase to 21st century DJ-style effects.



$179 $119 





KS125C PLATINUM - Black, square tube for single keyboard. X style with 5 position centre pin adjustment, allowing height to adjust 67-99cm. 35cm arms. 


DSU300 Aditional keyboard bracket. Turns a single X stand into a double. 


KS144 CPK - Black deluxe 3 tier keyboard stand. Heavy duty 3 keyboard stand. Each tier individually adjustable. Sturdy unit. Height 146cm. Angled arm length 45cm with maximum keyboard width 35cm. 


KT144 Keyboard stool. Crossed leg style. Well padded vinyl seat. 24 x 53cm. Height adjustable 40 to 60cm. Black. 


Ashton power adaptors for keyboards or effect units.
DC9RV500MA-: -500mA Regulated Negative -5.5mm OD-2.1mm ID
DC9V1AC-: - 1A Negative - 5.5mm OD - 1.5mm ID
DC12V1A+: 1A Positive -5.5mm OD -2.1mm ID
DC12V1A- : -1A Negative -5.5mm OD -2.1mm ID
DC9V1AP-: -1A Negative -5.5mm OD -2.1mm ID
DC12V2.5A+: -2.5A Positive -5.5mm OD -2.1mm ID  








Orchestral Deluxe music stand. Heavy duty tubular style with heavy duty locking mechanisms. Tripod base. Black steel desk 



Harmonicas, Recorders, Penny Whistles, Kazoos etc

Hohner Blues, Special 20 and Pro Harp




Hohner Chromonica 260 10 Hole, 40 Reed Keys C-G




Hohner Super Chromonica 270 - 12 Hole, 48 Reed
Keys A-C-D-G-E


Hohner KM1700_Harmonica_Holder 

Hohner harmonica holder




Harmonica holder. Chinese. Black metal frame. Fits around neck of player. Adjustable to suit most harmonica sizes. 


WALTONS - Penny whistle. Brass with instruction leaflet in plastic display box. Key of D. 

yamaha 24b_descant_recorder 

Yamaha YRS-24B
Possibly the world's most popular model, this recorder is easy to play and has a clear soft tone. It is ideal for school use.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The recorder is a woodwind musical instrument of the family known as fipple flutes or internal duct flutes — whistle-like instruments which include the tin whistle and ocarina. The recorder is end-blown and the mouth of the instrument is constricted by a wooden plug, known as a block or fipple. It is distinguished from other members of the family by having holes for seven fingers (the lower one or two often doubled to facilitate the production of semitones) and one for the thumb of the uppermost hand. The bore of the recorder is tapered slightly, being widest at the mouthpiece end and narrowest at the top on Baroque recorders, or flared almost like a trumpet at the bottom on Renaissance instruments.

The recorder was popular in medieval times through the baroque era, but declined in the 18th century in favour of orchestral woodwind instruments, such as the flute, oboe, and clarinet. During its heyday, the recorder was traditionally associated with birds, shepherds, miraculous events, funerals, marriages and amorous scenes. Images of recorders can be found in literature and artwork associated with all these. Purcell, Bach, Telemann and Vivaldi used the recorder to suggest shepherds and birds in their music, a theme that continued in 20th century music.

The recorder was revived in the 20th century, partly in the pursuit of historically informed performance of early music, but also because of its suitability as a simple instrument for teaching music and its appeal to amateur players. Today, it is often thought of as a child's instrument, but there are many professional players who demonstrate the instrument's full solo range. The sound of the recorder is remarkably clear and sweet, partly because of the lack of upper harmonics and predominance of odd harmonics in the sound.


Metronomes & Tuners



SMM98M SAMICK - Pyramid style metronome. Plastic casing with mahogany grain finish. Tempo 40-208 beats per minute. Bell can be set 2, 3, 4 & 6 beats. Key wound. 


SMM98W As above but walnut. 


WITTNER W811M  MAELZEL SYSTEM - With bell. Wooden casing. Key wound. Bell can be set for 2, 3, 4 and 6 beats. Tempo 40-208 beats per minute. Matt finish. Mahogany colour. Also available in walnut and black. W816PB As above but high polish finish in black. $259.00 W813PW As above but high polish finish in walnut. $259.00 W811PMA As above but high polish finish in mahogany. $259.00


WITTNER W812K  - Pyramid style. Plastic casing. Key wound. Bell can be set for 2, 3, 4 and 6 beats. Tempo 40-208 beats per minute. Mahogany grain. 


W814K As above but walnut grain. 


W816K As above but black. 


Ashton CT150 Keep your sound ‘on-song’ with one of Ashton’s precision instrument tuners. Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin.



Ashton MT200
This versatile tuner doubles as a metronome! Featuring large LCD display and vibration sensor for tuning in noisy areas.


$39.95  $29
Ashton CME100_Clip_On_Metronome

Ashton CME100 small clip-on metronome, which attaches straight onto your instrument. Perfect for rehearsal or home practice.

thumb ashton logo

24.95 $15

CHERUB WST550G $24 - Guitar Mate contact guitar tuner. Swivel clip attaches tuner to headstock. Individual string LED indicators. 11 tuning guide LEDs. On/Off switch and auto off function. Compact and easy to use. CR2032 battery included. Black.


$29.95  $24 

Cherub ST-711 Skull Tuner

$14.95  $11.95
Korg GA-1_small

Korg GA-1 Guitar and Bass Tuner



Fender California Tuners AG-6 Auto Tuner



Fender Sparkle-Tone Tuner












Scratch & Dent