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 Ashton DM20C XLR 2

 Ashton DM20C XLR-XLR Microphone


Ashton CMV100 

Ashton CMV100 Condenser microphone






Ashton DMP100 Drum microphone pack

It includes one drum mike, 4 responsive dynamic mics for snare and toms plus 2 top quality condenser microphones for the hi-hat and cymbals. In heavy duty moulded case.



$399  $299 



 Smart Acoustic_SWM250HT


SWM250 wireless microphone system

Smart Acoustic SWM250HT Wireless Microphone System

This great sounding, easy to operate Wireless Handheld Microphone System comes with

1x Wireless Receiver (SWM250) and

1x Wireless Mic (SHT250).

With over 120 Channels to choose from with True Diversity

and an easy to read LCD Display - you are getting more for less!






Smart Acoustic_SWM250BP

SWM250 wireless instrument/headset/lapel system

Smart Acoustic SWM250BP Wireless Microphone System

This great sounding, easy to operate Wireless Body Pack System comes with

1x Wireless Receiver (SWM250),

1x Headset (SHT250),

1x Bodypack (SBP250) and

1x Lapel Mic (SLP250).

With over 120 Channels to choose from with True Diversity

and an easy to read LCD Display - you are getting more for less!



Ashton UM88 

Ashton UM88 USB Condenser Microphone

Key Features

High-Quality USB Condenser Microphone

USB Connectivity Requires No Audio Interface

Robust & Solid Cast Body & Grille Keep Internals Safe

Ideal For Vocals, Podcasting, Game-Streaming & More

Included Shock-Mount Reduces Handling & Background Noise







samson c01 

Samson C01 Large Diaphragm Studio condenser Microphone



Samson C01U_Pro 

Samson C01U Pro

CO1U Pro builds on the legacy of its trailblazing predecessor with the addition of a headphone output for real time zero-latency monitoring of your recordings. It also boasts a significantly improved signal-to-noise ratio and adds a Peak LED indicator to match the ever- increasing capabilities of computer-based home studio recording setups. C01U Pro features a large, 19mm shock-mounted diaphragm efficient in capturing both low and high-end frequencies with equal articulation. Capturing audio at 16-bit, 44.1/48kHz resolution, the C01U Pro offers the accuracy you need to be sure that what you hear is what you get.



• Large, 19mm diaphragm studio condenser microphone

• Plug-and-play operation, no drivers required

• Compatible with most computer-based digital audio workstations

• Perfect for recording music, Skype, FaceTime and VoIP applications

• Headphone output for zero-latency monitoring

• Peak LED indicator

• Hypercardiod pickup pattern

• Shock-mountedmicelement

• 16-bit,44.1/48kHzresolution

• Smooth, flat frequency response of 20Hz–18KHz

• iPad and USB bus powered

• Solid, die-cast construction with heavy gauge mesh grill

• Includes mini tripod stand and swivel mount for optimal desktop placement



C01UPRO Microphone, USB Cable, Mini Desktop stand and manual.



samson c02 

Samson C02 Matched Pair Pencil Condenser Microphones



samson go_mic 

Samson GOMIC Clip on USB Mic



samson q1u 

Samson Q1U Hanheld Dynamic USB Microphone with Tripod Stand




Samson Concert88 Handheld Wireless System






Samson Concert88 Headset Wireless System





 ireless System



shure pg48 

Shure PG48



shure pg58 

Shure PG58



shure sm58 

Shure SM58LC


$249  $199 
shure beta58 

Shure Beta 58A



$349  $279 
Shure BLX-PG58 



Shure BLX/PG58

The most accessible wireless Shure vocal microphone for elevating sound quality combined with simple setup and an intuitive interface for performance you can trust in.




Available Transmitter Form factors: Handheld


Operating range (up to): 100 m (Under typical conditions)


BLX4 Wireless Receiver


Up to 12 compatible systems (region dependent)


Microprocessor-controlled internal antenna diversity


One touch QuickScan locates the best open frequency


¼" and XLR audio outputs


Two color audio status indicator LED


o Green: Normal audio levels


o Red: Excessive audio levels (overload/clipping)


BLX2/PG58 Handheld Transmitter with PG58 Capsule


Power and battery status LED


Adjustable gain control


Quick and easy frequency matching


AA batteries (included) provide up to 14 hours of continuous use


100 m (300 ft) operating range (line of sight)


Integrated microphone capsule design


10 dB gain attenuation


Lightweight, rugged construction


Color ID caps (available separately)








Behringer EUROPOWER PMP2000D

2000-Watt 14-Channel Powered Mixer with KLARK TEKNIK Multi-FX Processor and Wireless Option

Ultra-compact 2 x 1000-Watt stereo powered mixer

Revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology: enormous power, incredible sonic performance and super-light weight

9 “Invisible” IMP mic preamps with switchable +48 V phantom power for condenser microphones

Ultra-high quality KLARK TEKNIK FX processor with 25 presets including reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter and various multi-effects

"Wireless-ready" for high-quality BEHRINGER digital wireless system (not included)

14-channel mixer section features 6 mono and 4 stereo channels

Effective, extremely musical 3-band EQ, switchable Pad and Clip LEDs on all mono channels

Dual 9-band graphic EQs allow precise frequency correction of monitor and main outputs

Selectable stereo (main L/R), double mono (main/monitor) or bridged mono amplifier operation mode

Adjustable stereo Aux input for connecting external signal sources

Internal switch-mode power supply, noise-free audio, superior transient response and very low power consumption

3-Year Warranty Program*

Designed and engineered in Germany



behringer logo






yamaha c115v 

Yamaha C115V Club V 15" + 2" Horn speaker.

Concert Club V speaker with 15" low frequency driver, 2" titanium high frequency driver and maximum 1000 watt power handling.



$799  $599 



Samson Meteor_M2 

Samson Meteor M2 2.5" Diecast Multimedia Speaker System

Samson Meteor M2 Multimedia Speaker System is the ideal sound solution for desktops, laptops and tablets.

Through the use of premium components, innovative sound design and custom digital signal processing, the full metal Meteor M2 breathes new sonic life into your favorite music, movies and games.


•Compact multimedia speaker system

•Sold as a stereo pair (one active speaker, one passive speaker)

•2.5" drivers

•Additional rear-ported passive radiators produce full-range audio

•Crystal clear high-end performance

•Exceptional bass response

•Side panel Power (I/O) button and Volume control

•Includes speaker (integrated on passive speaker) and 1/8" Aux cables

•Rugged zinc die cast construction

•Sleek, elegant finish



thumb samson logo 


$339 $239




Yamaha Pocketrak_W24 

Yamaha Pocketrak W24

Large Stereo Mic and Ultra-handy Wireless Remote Control

Compact and lightweight, the W24 features a large dual microphone assembly for outstanding 24bit/96kHz digital sound quality. What's more, recording is more convenient than ever thanks to the supplied wireless remote control. It's the perfect choice for effortless recording in the studio, on the stage or out in the field.


Start, Stop and Replay from Anywhere


The wireless remote control makes recording practice sessions much more convenient. You can position the W24 at the optimum recording location and operate it from your playing position, so you can record and listen over and over without having to move.

38 Hours of PCM Recording with One Battery


The W24 far outdistances the competition with up to 38 hours of PCM recording and 56 hours of MP3 recording from a single alkaline AA battery. Now you can concentrate on the music, not the battery.

High Capacity Memory with microSD Cards


The W24 has a built-in 2GB flash memory, providing 3 hours of PCM recording time (MP3: 13.5 hours). Using the optional 2GB microSD memory card doubles this amount. You can also use higher capacity cards.

24bit/96kHz Recording With Highest Quality X-Y Stereo Microphone


The microphone on a pocket recorder is extremely important in determining sound quality, and the sensitivity and coverage of this X-Y dual mic assembly are truly superior. It takes full advantage of the recorder's 24bit/96kHz resolution.

Peak Limiter for Optimum Music Recording

When bands or orchestras hit high volume peaks, recording quality can suffer. The W24's peak limiter instantly detects these high levels to prevent overload and distortion. Yamaha worked with musicians in studios to ensure that the limiter function is optimized for music recording.

Memorize Various Recording Settings


You can use the Scene function to memorize the settings for a variety of recording situations, such as choir practice or interviews, and assign names to them. Then each time you want to use a certain setting, you can recall it instantly.

Onboard Speaker


The built-in speaker provides a quick and convenient way to check your recordings.

Ready When You Are


When the group is ready to start, no one wants to wait for the recorder. With the W24, recording can begin just 4.5 seconds after pressing the power button.

Tuner and Metronome


Tuner and metronome are built-in for added convenience.

Cubase AI 5 Software Greatly Expands Your Recording and Editing Capabilities.


Cut out what you don't want, adjust the sound the way you want it. Using Cubase AI 5 software, it's easy to edit POCKETRAK recordings on your PC or Mac.

Both the W24 and C24 let you easily upload recordings to your PC via USB, for comprehensive editing with Cubase software. Previous editing with Cubase can also be retained, allowing you to refine the process as many times as necessary.

Cubase AI 5 Features

- Cubase 5 Audio Engine.

- 48 audio tracks and up to 64 MIDI tracks.

- Includes 31 audio effects such as reverb and compressor.

- Includes 20 MIDI music styles and 480 audio drum loops.

- Features the new Project Assistant/Track Preset functions for easy setting adjustment.

- Guitar amp simulator provides speaker simulation.


For details, see

Other Features

- 5-band equalizer lets you tailor the playback sound for optimum response.

- High-pass filter automatically reduces wind noise and low frequency rumble.

- Auto Level Control ensures best speech recording quality.

- Recycle Bin folder makes it possible to retrieve deleted files.

X-Y Coniguration Provides Superior Music Recording

$599 $479




Zoom R8 

Zoom R8 digital recorder

Zoom takes the turbocharged design of the R24 and scales it down for an ultra-portable music production solution. Like its predecessor, the R8 combines four production tools in one versatile device. In addition to being an 8-track recorder that utilizes SD memory, the R8 is an audio interface, a DAW control surface and a sampler complete with drum pads and a rhythm machine.


Simultaneous recording of 2 tracks and playback of 8 tracks

The R8 is the perfect tool for capturing audio on-the-go. Record live music performances, rehearsals, songwriting sessions or even audio for film and video. Playback up to eight tracks of audio at up to 24-bit/48kHz resolution as WAV files. If you make a mistake, use the UNDO/REDO function to cancel the last recording operation and restore the previous state. You can even mix down completed songs inside the R8 and save a mix for each project. 


Audio interface supports 2 inputs and 2 outputs

When combined with your computer, the R8 becomes a powerful audio interface. Connect the R8 to your computer via USB, launch your favorite DAW or use the included Cubase LE software and start laying down your tracks. Simultaneous 2-in/2-out capability allows you to record up to 24-bit/96kHz high definition audio. If you use the 44.1kHz sampling rate, the internal DSP effects of the R8 are also available for your computer tracks. A dedicated control lets you adjust the mixing balance between the DAW playback sound and the direct sound for monitoring. 


Control surface functions for most DAW software

The R8 can be used as a control surface for DAW transport functions (play, record, stop) and mixing operations. Through a USB connection, you can control the transport and mixing functions of major DAWs such as Cubase, Logic, and Sonar from the R8. In addition, you can easily move multiple faders at the same time. No more mixing with a mouse! The R8 makes mixing a pleasure. 


8-voice sampler with 8 pads

The built-in sampler functions allow you to loop audio data on any track. You can play the pads in real-time and combine loops to create a performance for an entire song. When setting loop intervals, you can see the waveforms for visual confirmation. Time-stretching, which allows you to change the tempo without changing the pitch, and trimming the unneeded parts of loops, is also possible. You can use the sampler and recorder functions together seamlessly to play back loop tracks while recording instrumental performances on other tracks.


$599 $459
Zoom R24 

Zoom R24 digital recorder 

The R24's simultaneous 8-track recording capability allows you to capture live band performances, record drum kits with multiple mics and make other recordings of multiple sound sources. Play back up to 24 tracks of 16/24-bit and 44.1/48-kHz sampling rate WAV format files. You can use the UNDO/REDO functions to cancel the last recording operation and restore the previous state. When you complete a song, you can mix it down and save a stereo mix for each project in the R24.  

The R24 can function as an audio interface, enabling direct input of sounds to a computer. Support for 24-bit/96-kHz encoding ensures high-quality sound. Eight input channels and two output channels can be used simultaneously. The internal DSP effects of the R24 can also be used when the sampling rate is 44.1 kHz. A dedicated knob lets you adjust the balance between the DAW playback sound and the direct input sound when monitoring.   

The R24 can be used as a control surface for DAW transport functions (play, record, stop) and mixing operations. You can easily move multiple faders at the same time, which is very difficult to do with a mouse! You can also assign the five function keys to various DAW software commands. Cubase, Logic, Sonar and other major DAW applications are supported in Mackie Control emulation mode.  

 The built-in sampler functions allow you to use audio files on any tracks as loops. Play the pads in real-time and create performance for an entire track by combining loops. Use the display of the audio waveform for visual confirmation when setting loop intervals. Use time-stretching to change the tempo of a file without changing its pitch, and trim unneeded parts of loops. The sampler and recorder can also be used together seamlessly, allowing you to also record instrument performances while playing back loops on other tracks.

The included USB flash drive contains 500 MB of drum loops recorded by the Grammy-winning jazz/fusion drummer, Peter Erskine specifically for the R24. . By simply lining up drum loops, anyone can easily create professional-level rhythm tracks. 

We also include 1 GB of drum loops provided by Big Fish Audio, a top producer of sample libraries. The focus of this library is rock, but other rhythms also include jazz, funk, country, bossa nova and hip-hop. 

The R24 has a powerful drum machine with 10 types of drum kits that use linear PCM samples. With the touch sensitive drum pads, you can program your own original beats and save up to 511 of them. The rhythm patterns that you create can be used just like the audio loops. You can trigger patterns with the pads and use them in the unit fs sequencer to arrange songs. The 472 preset patterns include intros, fills, endings and other phrase variations. 

The R24 synchronization system generates a clock signal based on USB data transmission timing.(*1) Two units can be synchronized by connecting another R24 or an R16 by USB and making one unit the USB host device and the other the USB slave device. Used together, they form a recording system with up to 16 tracks of simultaneous recording and 48 tracks of simultaneous playback.(*2) 

(*1) : Synchronization precision is accurate to about 1 to 2 msec.

(*2) : When using an R16 as the second unit, 16 tracks of simultaneous recording and 40 tracks of simultaneous playback are possible. 

The built-in high-sensitivity stereo mic pair is handy for quickly recording phrases and melody ideas as they come to mind. Vocals and acoustic instruments can be captured with excellent clarity.  

The DSP effects, which include 150 types and 390 patches, can be used for recording, mixing and mastering. Three types of effects\the insert effect and the two send-return effects\can all be used at the same time. You can achieve a powerful amp sound just by connecting a guitar or bass directly to the R24 and using one of the 18 types of guitar amp models or 6 types of bass amp models that have been brought straight from our best-selling G2nu effects unit. You can also use the 8xCOMP EQ effect, which lets you apply compression and EQ to eight channels simultaneously. 

The R24 fs built-in tuner is great for quickly tuning instruments and checking the pitches of vocals. The metronome can provide a click track for a drummer during recording and is also useful during instrument practice. The metronome sound can also be sent just to the headphones. During a live performance, this allows you to play along with a backing track previously recorded on the R24. 

Set up to 100 markers and directly move to them whenever you want. Other convenient functions for editing include A-B repeat playback of a designated interval and auto punch-in and punch-out. 

The R24 can handle a variety of input sources. The unit is equipped with 8 input jacks that accept both XLR and standard phone connectors, including 6 that can supply phantom power, allowing the use of multiple condenser microphones for serious multi-mic recording. Use the channel with a Hi-Z switch to input electric guitars, basses and other high impedance instruments. 

The R24 utilizes compact and readily-available SD and SDHC memory cards as recording media. Unlike tape and disc recorders, this unit has no motor, making it more resistant to external vibrations and eliminating concerns about mechanical noise.  

The R24 USB 2.0 Hi-Speed port allows WAV files recorded by the R24 to be transferred to a computer quickly and easily. Computer-based tasks, such as editing audio with DAW software, creating original CDs and importing WAV files, can be integrated into your music production. 

USB flash drive or large-capacity external hard disk drive can be plugged into the R24 fs USB host port. This lets you distribute recordings to band members after a rehearsal and make backups of recordings without a computer.   

The R24 can be powered using either the included AC adapter or six AA batteries. One set of batteries will last for about four and a half hours, providing lots of time for location recording. When using the audio interface and control surface functions, another option is to power the unit from the computer fs USB bus.  

Cubase LE

Cubase LE is a powerful music production system with recording, editing, and mixing functions for both audio and MIDI. It uses the same audio engine as the full version of Cubase, which has won multiple awards, and provides a great introduction to computer-based music production. 



$1049  $799







ashton spk501_pack 

Ashton SPK501PACK Speaker Stand Pack $149

A top value speaker stand pack which includes 2 x SPK502 stands, 2 x 20ft connecting speaker cables and a tough nylon carry bag. Capable of holding a whopping 45 kg each thanks to their large diameter tubing, solid steel construction and locking pin joints, the stands are fully adjustable between 108-195cm so you can set up just the way you want.


$169  $139 

Ashton MSB150B


Ashton MSB150 Microphone Stand


Ashton MSB150B Microphone Boom Stand


ashton logo


Ashton CCP20U XLR-XLR 20 lead 

Ashton CCP20U 20' XLR-XLR Microphone Lead


ashton logo 

Ashton CCP30 XLR-XLR 30 lead 

Ashton CCP30U 30' XLR-XLR Microphone Lead


ashton logo 








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